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"I was in a few difficult scrapes when I was a young adult and as a parent of young children...I am personally not sure where I would be if it was not for the generosity of strangers and my community," shares County Chairperson Micah Ennis in this heartfelt message.

United Way Campaign 2021

Welcome to this year’s Rowan County United Way campaign: Let It Come,  Let It Go,  Let It Flow.  It has been a hard year for a lot of people, and we know that some of our very own have been impacted negatively as well.  Please know that our campaign recognizes the personal and voluntary nature of charitable donations, and we hope that such a spirit comes through in all of the communications you receive.  As public servants, you give so much of yourself every day to our community.  THANK YOU for your contributions in your daily work.  

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Whether you have pledged in the past or are considering a gift for the first time, THANK YOU for any consideration of what you and your family can comfortably pledge to support United Way funded services to positively impact identified needs in our community.  Even just $3 per paycheck ($78/year) per employee would literally shatter our total pledges in last year’s campaign.  It is a small way to extend our reach just a little further to the hand of our neighbors who need us.

Of course we hope to raise funds for the services in our community, but another really important goal is to share information about the programs and services themselves!  Each of us touches so many people in our professional and personal lives.  Regardless of your plans regarding a pledge, it is my sincere hope that you will learn what you can so that you can make needed referrals as you cross paths with folks who might benefit!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Micah Ennis, on behalf of the Rowan County United Way


Key DateDescription


Second deadline for pledges


Third deadline for pledges


Target date to finalize all County Campaign pledges.


Finale Event (location TBA)/CAR GIVEAWAY Drawing


  1. Car Give-Away
  2. County Incentives

If you are new to this, you are asking “WHAT CAR GIVEAWAY?!”  We are fortunate to have car dealerships in Salisbury who participate so that some lucky United Way supporter wins a car each year.  (Ben Mynatt, Cloninger Ford, Gerry Wood, and Team Chevrolet all roll the dice for a suspenseful finale car giveaway event.)  The deadlines and pledge amounts correlate to the number of entries in the giveaway. The earlier the pledges, the more chances you get to win.

Meeting the first deadline with a pledge at the minimum of $78/year qualifies for TRIPLE entries in the car giveaway drawing.  Meeting the second deadline qualifies for DOUBLE entries, and pledges by the THIRD deadline get single a single entry per level.  Plus, the higher the pledges, the more chances you get to win.  Each giving level between $78/year and $750+/year increases the number of entries in the car giveaway drawing.  See Car Giveaway Entries (PDF) for more details.

Your Department’s Campaign Coordinator will give you the number of Entry Forms according to your pledge, and if you need more forms, we will get them!