Wellness Newsletter Questionnaire

Well Balanced Newsletter Questionnaire

  1. The Wellness Committee encourages you to answer the following questions. You’ll find all the correct answers as you read your "Well Balanced" newsletter. Click the submit button, and your name will be entered into a quarterly drawing. Thank you for your participation!
  2. 1. Your body is able to convert the beta-carotene found in pumpkin into Vitamin A. *
  3. 2. Every 4 minutes, there is a female in the U.S. being diagnosed with breast cancer. *
  4. 3. Dietary factors may play a part of 30-40% of all types of cancer.*
  5. 4. Low levels of folate have been found to increase one's chances of developing breast cancer.*
  6. 5. Every minute, 10 individuals are physically abused by an intimate partner.*
  7. 6. If and when you get a fitness friend, there needs to be only one person in the group that sets boundaries, creates a plan, and decides on the overall goal.*
  8. The first quarter winners of the Well Balanced newsletter drawing are:

    Jeff Applewhite, Register of Deeds

    Joshua Canup, Planning

    Rockybell Ortiz, DSS

    Tina Hooks, Assessor

    Each individual will receive a $25 monetary gift card from the Wellness Committee.

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