DIABETES management program-Healthmaprx

Program Description: 

What is HealthMapRX?

Health Map Rx is a voluntary chronic condition management and health coaching program available to Rowan County employees, dependents, and retirees covered by the County health insurance. Administered by PPNC, the program pairs employees with a care manager or "coach" who is a pharmacist with advanced expertise in diabetes and the medications used to treat the disease.

Do You Qualify?

Yes, if you take pre-diabetes or diabetes medication. 

Program Requirements:

  • Cooperate in making and keeping appointments with your care manager and doctors at required intervals. 
  • Provide and assist your care manager in obtaining required lab results and other important medical information on a timely basis. 
  • Make good faith effort toward achieving mutually established goals and otherwise attempting to benefit from the program.

Program Incentives:

Cash Incentives: Each participant will receive a VISA Card and will be awarded up to $120/year.

Diabetes Medication Co-pays Covered at 100%:

PPO PlanHSA Plan
Generic diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol medication  Generic diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol medication  
Diabetes Injectables (Victoza, Trulicity, Bydureon, etc.)Insulin (Novolin, Novolog, Lantus, Levemir and Toujeo)

Diabetes Supplies Co-pays Covered at 100%:

PPO & HSA Plans PPO Only
Pen Needles Lancets

Case Manager: Face-to-Face meetings 4-6 times per year during work hours. 

3 Ways to Enroll in the Program: 

  1. Enroll Online
  2. Contact Shelia Evans, PPNC Program Coordinator (Email: Shelia.Evans@emailmm.com)
  3. Contact Aldrea Speight, Human Resources Analyst I (Email: Aldrea.Speight@rowancountync.gov)