DIABETES management program-Healthmaprx

Program Description: 

What is HealthMapRX?

Health Map Rx is a voluntary chronic condition management and health coaching program available to Rowan County employees, dependents, and retirees covered by the County health insurance. Administered by PPNC, the program pairs employees with a care manager or "coach" who is a pharmacist with advanced expertise in diabetes and the medications used to treat the disease.

Do You Qualify?

Yes, if you take pre-diabetes or diabetes medication. 

Program Requirements:

  • Cooperate in making and keeping appointments with your care manager and doctors at required intervals. 
  • Provide and assist your care manager in obtaining required lab results and other important medical information on a timely basis. 
  • Make good faith effort toward achieving mutually established goals and otherwise attempting to benefit from the program.

Program Incentives:

Cash Incentives: receive a VISA Card and will be awarded up to $120/year

Diabetes Medication Co-pays Covered at 100%: generic medications and preferred brand injectable medications

Diabetes Supplies Co-pays Covered at 100%: preferred brand testing and administration supplies

Pharmacist Case Manager: face-to-face meetings 4-6 times per year during work hours

3 Ways to Enroll in the Program: 

  1. Enroll Online
  2. Complete the HealthMapRX Participation Information Form, then fax or mail to PPCN using the info on form. 
  3. Contact Suzanne Brown, PPCN Administrative Assistant (Email: Suzanne.Brown@emailmm.com)
  4. Contact Aldrea Speight, Human Resources Analyst I (Email: Aldrea.Speight@rowancountync.gov)